The COVIDvoice Project

Share your voice. Crush COVID.

The COVIDvoice Project is developing a software tool to screen for COVID-19 just by listening to a person's voice! People will be able to speak into an app and know immediately if they do or do not have COVID. This will save lives, and will be a game changer as we work to bring our schools and communities back together safely.

We need your help! It only takes 30 seconds to do your part and record your voice sample. Then come back regularly to share additional voice samples. If you choose to sign up for a profile, your repeated samples will provide even more effective algorithms.

Spread the word, share this page, and share your voice so we can Crush COVID!

The COVIDvoice Project is a public-private partnership, bringing together the brightest minds from the fields of AI, voice research, medicine, psychology, and technology.

Members of the public, plus students and staff from partner colleges, universities, and other organizations are confidentially sharing their voice samples and COVID-19 test results to this research project, to Crush COVID!

Technology development is being led by BRAVE Innovations ( with technical support from the Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (

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